Sai Builders – Construction Consulting

Who We are

SAI BUILDERS is a construction consulting firm serving businesses, individuals, governments, non-governmental organizations, and non-profits. We help our clients realize their most important goals and provide them best practices, resources, products and services.

With vast expertise and over 50 years of collective experience, we provide consulting and construction services in various fields related to construction of any type of building. Ranging from engineering to legal and financial aspects of construction is covered in our consulting services.

We advise our clients with best professionals to execute their projects based on their individual requirements. Our selected panel of professionals ensure that work is done as per latest standards in most economical way. Finally our team validates the work and ensures that our clients are getting best services from all the professionals.

As we have grown over the years, we have always kept our-self focused on our commitment towards a lifelong relationship with our clients by providing reliable and valued services.

Our Culture

We believe that culture is one of the most important factor in the success of a project as well as company. At Sai Builders we have always focused on a culture of working together with our teams, associates and client to complete our projects and save some time and money of our clients.

We define our culture as “understanding of our vision and values very well so that when we are working we know what is right to complete our projects and help our clients achieve their goals.”

Culture forms the attitude which we bring to work everyday. It is our culture which forms a pattern of thinking among all of us at Sai Builders to do the right things and doing things right. It teaches all of us to respect each other and realize our responsibilities towards our common goal of reliable and valued associate.

It is the role of each team member to deeply understand our culture backed by our vision and values, adopt it, live it and teach it to all new members.

Our Strategy

Vision alone is not enough to achieve success of company or completion of a project. A strategy backed by a business plan to survive and succeed in economic cycle is required to achieve any vision. A perfect execution of strategy by a team results in success of whatever goal they want to achieve.

Our focus on maintaining lifelong relationship with our clients makes the foundation of our strategy. Trends in industries changes drastically and requirements of clients also changes with demand. Our vision keeps us motivated to continually evolve and adopt latest techniques and standards enabling us to prioritizes our efforts to provide most reliable and valued services to our clients.

Vision, Values, Culture and Strategy are the core pillars at Sai Builders helping us to focus on deepening relationships with our clients and attracting new clients for a lifelong relationship.