RMC quantity in slab

RMC Quantity in Slab

Calculator – RMC Quantity in Slab Calculating RMC Quantity in Slab is routine task at construction site. However it involves some hand calculations and conversions within units. Following is a calculator to calculate Quantity Ready Mix Concrete in Slab just by entering Slab area in square feet and thickness of […]

material quantities in plaster

Material Quantities in Plaster

Calculator – Material Quantities in Plaster Calculating material quantities in plaster to prepare desired volume of mortar is a routine task for any civil engineer. Following calculator provides an estimate of quantities of materials required to plaster a certain area of wall or any other surface. Eliminating the routine task […]

brickwork and blocks quantity calculator

Bricks/Blocks Quantity in Wall with Cement & Sand

Calculator – Bricks/Blocks Quantity in Brick Work with quantities of Cement & Sand/Fine Aggregate This calculator lets you estimate quantities of material in brikwork. Determining Bricks/Blocks Quantity to most accurate quantities along with Cement & Sand/Fine Aggregate quantity is a time consuming and tedius task. We have made it easy […]

concrete material quantities

Concrete Material Quantities Calculator

Calculator – Concrete Material Quantities (Cement, Sand & Coarse Aggregate) Calculating concrete material quantities to prepare desired volume of concrete is a routine task for any civil engineer. Following is a calculator to calculate quantities of material i.e. Cement, Sand & Coarse aggregate for all grade of concrete. This calculator […]