Bricks/Blocks Quantity in Wall with Cement & Sand

brickwork and blocks quantity calculator

Calculator – Bricks/Blocks Quantity in Brick Work with quantities of Cement & Sand/Fine Aggregate

This calculator lets you estimate quantities of material in brikwork. Determining Bricks/Blocks Quantity to most accurate quantities along with Cement & Sand/Fine Aggregate quantity is a time consuming and tedius task. We have made it easy for you.

Take dimensions of wall and cutouts in wall and enter them below in Brickwork Calculator along with your actual size of Bricks/Blocks present at site and you will get the quantities of material required in brickwork. This calculator also lets you decide your desired thickness and ratio of mortar required in brickwork giving more close estimates of quantities.

No need to do tedius and time consuming calculations including conversions to various units. Enter dimensions directly from drawings and get desired quantities.

Using Calculator

Enter dimensions of wall and cutout area as per mentioned units, dimensions of brick/block available and desired mortar and click Calculate. You will get quantities of Bricks/Blocks, Cement and Sand/Fine Aggregate required for your job.

BrickWork Material Quantities Calculator

Wall Dimensions
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Cutouts in Wall
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Block/Brick Dimensions
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Mortar Thickness between Blocks (mm)
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