Material Quantities in Plaster

material quantities in plaster

Calculator – Material Quantities in Plaster

Calculating material quantities in plaster to prepare desired volume of mortar is a routine task for any civil engineer. Following calculator provides an estimate of quantities of materials required to plaster a certain area of wall or any other surface.

Eliminating the routine task of tedius and time consuming calculations this claculator lets you input area, desired plaster thickness and mortar ratio. As a result you will get quantities of Cement and Sand/Fine Aggregrate required to finish your job.

Using Calculator

For example, for 1 sq.ft. of wall is required to be covered with 12mm of plaster having 1 part Cement and 4 parts Sand/Fine Aggregrate, we will enter 1 in Surface Area, 1 in Cement Ratio and 4 in Sand/FIne Aggregrate Ratio and click Calculate.
We will get a result showing number of bags of Cement and volume of Sand/Fine Aggregrate required to cover 1 sq.ft surface with mm plaster. Quantity of water may vary depending upon a number of factor like moisture content in sand, desired setting time e.t.c which can be easily determined at the time of mixing.

Material Quantities in Plaster Calculator

Description Quantity
(1 cubic feet = 1/35.315 cubic meter)