RMC Quantity in Slab

RMC quantity in slab

Calculator – RMC Quantity in Slab

Calculating RMC Quantity in Slab is routine task at construction site. However it involves some hand calculations and conversions within units. Following is a calculator to calculate Quantity Ready Mix Concrete in Slab just by entering Slab area in square feet and thickness of slab in millimeters

This calculator gives estimated quantity of RMC and also provides option to deduct total top surface area of beams and cutouts for ducts, stairs, mumty, e.t.c.

Using Calculator

Provide total area of slab in the first input and total beam top surface area and area of cutouts in slab in second and third input. Then input desired thickness of slab in fourth input and click Calculate. If any beam area or cutout area is not available, you can enter 0 in those fields.

Result will be provided for Total slab area and total volume of RMC required in cubic meters.

RMC Quantity in Slab – Calculator

Total Slab Area (sq.ft.)
Volume of Beams (c.ft.)
Top Surface Area of Beams (sq.ft)
Total Cutout Area (sq.ft.)
Slab Thickness (inch)
Quantity of RMC (cu m)